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A Little about TRUE STONE



We only source the best small farm coffees and believe in transparency and expertise from seed to brew.


We roast in small batches the day before delivery to ensure a fresh, vibrant cup wherever it's served.

Espresso Gold - Medium

A Zippy, Sweet Take on the Classic Espresso Blend,

with Orange Zest, Cocoa and a Fruitlike Finish

Nicaragua  Las Segovias - Full City

Mild/Lemon Citrus/Walnuts/Toffee


Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Full City

Wild Blueberry/ Tart Cherry/

Citrus/ Juicy/ Bright/ Sweet


Kenya Kiruga Microlot - Full City

Sweet and Savory/ Blackberry/ 

Tart Cherry/ Smooth Finish


Guatemala San Miguel Escobar - Full City

Sweet Spices/ Mellow Grape

Bright Apricot/ Velvet Body


Tanzania Kiboko Peaberry - Full CIty

Lemon/ Bright/ Sweet/ 

Tangy/ Wine Finish


Costa Rica Tarrazu - Vienna

Peppermint/ Lavender/ Malt/ Plum



Brazil Fazenda Rainha - Vienna

Graham/ Milk Chocolate/ Nutty

Creamy Body


Mexico Chiapas - Vienna

Cedar Aroma/ Tart Cherry

Full Body/ Cocoa


Mocha Java BlendMedium

Smooth/ Citrus Fruits/ Full Body

Pleasan Crisp Finish


Columbia Excelso - French

Rich Fruits/ Carmelized Sugars

Cocoa/ Clean Finish


Peru Cajamarca - French

Cranberry/ Cinnamon/ Beef

Jerky/ Winelike Finish


European Five Bean - Italian

Complex Aroma/ Smoke/ Bold

Dark Chocolate/ Warm Toast

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